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Wifi connectivity, Part 1 of 4



If your CC3000 is not resolving domain names properly, you may need to upgrade its firmware. This is an easy process. I have created a Lecture to show you how to do this - it is available further down in this section.


In an earlier Lecture, you learned about the Arduino Ethernet shield, and connected your Arduino to the Internet. In this lecture, we'll again connect the Arduino to the Internet, but we'll do that using Wifi, and go completely wireless!

For this lecture, I chose the Adafruit CC3000 breakout board, with an on-board ceramic antenna. This product also is It comes as a shield, and with a connector for an external antenna if you need extended range. At around $35, it offers 802.11a/g connectivity, very small size, a nice library, and lots of documentation.

I will go through 3 demos in this lecture. In the first one (Part 2 of this lecture), we'll connect the CC3000 to the Arduino and run one of the library's examples to make sure that it works and that it can connect to our Wifi router. In the second one (Part 3 of this lecture), I'll show you how to create a Wifi web client, whereby the Arduino will be polling a URL, and fetching a file contains instructions for turning an LED on or off. The polling method has an advantage over the web server method because it is not affected by firewall or NAT restrictions. This means that by polling an external URL to your local network, you will be able to control your Arduino from anywhere in the Internet without having to configure your router to allow access to the Arduino from the outside world.

In the last one (Part 4 of this lecture) I will show you an adapted version of Demo 2 from the Ethernet lecture, where we had a web server running on the Arduino, showing us a simple user interface through which we could turn an LED on and off.


* An Arduino Uno

* The Adafruit CC3000 Wifi module

* An LED

* A 1kΩ resistor

* Access to a Wifi access point.

Sketches for this lecture

* Github (a link is available in External Resources)

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